I wrote this three years ago as Wimbledon fortnight started. Hats off to Murray for making the Wimbledon Final this year, but no prizes to the LTA for failing to get more youngsters involved in tennis.

Sandra Fraser

There are a lot of questions being asked this Wimbledon fortnight. So far, we’ve seen the worst set of performances from British players in living history as one by one, barring Baltacha and Murray, they crashed out in the first round. True, our views could all change if Murray satisfies over-hyped hopes and delivers a place in the men’s singles final next week – or better still, wins the title outright. But even so, for a sport with millions of pounds available to produce a British champion, how come there are so few home-grown players to cheer about?

Well, here’s a thing that seems to have bypassed the Great British public – possibly because the media pays so little attention to anything not jumping up and down under its nose. Whilst waiting 70+ years for a male British tennis star to head the international rankings, we have, by and large, ignored…

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