Character interview – Colin Dexter’s Guilty Secret

Colin Dexter’s guilty secret.

Sandra Fraser

…I wrote this feature in 2007 – it’s still one of my favourites.

He feels the gods have smiled on him and is one of the world’s best-read crime writers. But Colin Dexter is hiding a guilty secret – he confessed all to Sandra Fraser.

Crime writer Colin Dexter doesn’t appear to be a man to make startling revelations. Considered statements, perhaps, but not breathtaking admissions with the potential to leave his Oxford neighbours reeling. He’s saved the thrill of exposé for readers of his books. Not that he is planning to resurrect his much-loved creation, Inspector Morse – he is adamant that he never will. He doesn’t need to confess that he is directly, or indirectly, responsible for making Oxford the murder capital of Europe – that fact has done tourism no harm – Morse fans flock to Oxford and his Lincolnshire-born creator is a freeman of the city…

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